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Powder coating is a specialised task that involves spraying dry powder electrostatically onto a metal surface and then curing in an industrial oven.

The powder coating process offers several advantages over conventional liquid coating methods, including increased durability, capabilities for more specialised finishes, less environmental impact, faster turnaround time and lower material costs.

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Powder coating is generally more long-lasting and durable than liquid coatings (spray painting). It demonstrates higher resistance to impact, moisture and chemicals, and offers greater protection from scratches, abrasion, corrosion, fading and general wear. 

Another advantage of the powder coating process is the lack of solvent and carbon dioxide emissions, hazardous waste material that requires disposal, and, often, surface primer requirements. These exclusions limit the amount of toxic and carcinogenic substances being released into the environment throughout the process and contribute to the recognition of powder coating as a more environmentally-friendly alternative to liquid coatings.

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